Kreg PRS1045 Router Table Review

Kreg PRS 1045 is the best router table for any woodworker who wants not only a sufficient working space, but also to complete tasks easily and get quality results. The router table versatility is unmatched and adjustment is easier even for beginners, as it is automatic. Besides, the table has unmatched parts, which are made using highly durable materials. If you’d like to read other router table reviews you can check special comparion websites or Amazon.


Kreg PRS1045 has a sturdy, versatile and solid design. Also, its design incorporates different features, making it unique and easy to use. In addition, materials used in making Kreg PRS1045 router table are strong and durable.


  1. Featherboards

Kreg PRS1045 features two featherboards. The features are essential for safety while working with any router table. Apart from preventing your fingers from slipping into router tool as you work, the featherboards aids in ensuring your workpieces are straight and supported. However, unlike other router tables, Kreg PRS1045 featherboards are two to offer extra safety while making precise cuts.

  1. Strong and spacious tabletop

The top of Kreg PRS1045 is 24” by 32” in size, which is spacious enough, allowing you to work with large wood pieces with ease. The material used in making the table is durable, thus you can use it for years.

The material is a noise and vibration resistant MDF featuring an easy to slide micro-dot skin, made using high-pressure laminate that makes sliding workpieces on the surface easy. Also, the MDF top is supported using steel struts, making it intact without bending.

The tabletop features a keyhole slot that suits a quarter-turn fence lock, and enables the removal of the fence with ease, making freehand routing operations possible. Besides, the table features a T-slot and miter gauge, to allow the use of other accessories.

  1. Multi-purpose and innovative T-square fence

Kreg PRS1045 has T-square fences. The fences are special because they remain parallel to T-slot and miter, thus squaring the fence and enabling you to perform small adjustments.  The fences are made using anodized –aluminum, in order to support big working pieces.

Apart from the fence locking firmly in place, they are easy to adjust, and have a measuring scale that enables you to not only adjust the fence, but also position as the bits in use.  Besides, the fence features a micro-adjust wheel, which makes setting up easier, so that precision is achieved.

  1. Heavy and adjustable steel stand

For easier routing, Kreg PRS1045 features a heavy and adjustable steel stand, where the fence and the table sit.   The steel used in making the stand is of heavy-gauge; hence you can raise the height from 31” to 39”. Also, the stand comprises of levelers, which offer stability in uneven floor, and pre-drilled holes which allows customization of the stand and mounting of accessories.

  1. Built-in dust collection port

The router table features sliding fence faces, which can be easily adjusted to offer support to the workpiece and to enable collection of chips in dust port, which is built-in fences.

  1. Jointing rods

The router table features two jointing rods on the fence.  You can slide the rods behind the out feed fence face, making the fence to double to a jointer, which allows you to make perfect edges on boards.

  1. Precise insert plate

The insert plate is of standard size, and its design allows mounting on any router. The router table comes with a template and base plate, which makes mounting of the insert plate in almost all routers give you the best custom fit, which offer additional free holes.


  • The router has sturdy design and it is of high quality
  • Assemblage is easy, using the easy to follow instructions
  • The tabletop is smooth and easy to use
  • Comes with additional accessories
  • It is versatile


  • Although the table is versatile for the combination of a T-slot and miter, and the unique automatic T-square fence making it the best, it is expensive


Kreg PRS1045 router table is worth buying, irrespective of being in a tight budget, because you will no longer require buying another router table.

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